The Development of Trans (East) Papua Project until March 2020.

Papua/East Papua (AlbumPapua). Until March 3, 2020,  the Chief of BBPJN XVIII Jayapura, Directorate General for Bina Marga of The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), Mr. Osman H. Marbun in Jayapura,  stated that the construction of the trans-Papua road has reached 95 percent of the total length of the road project of 2,345 kilometers. Only 26 kilometers left because the lands are not ready. The 26 kilometres remaining include Enarotali-Sugata segment spanning 4 kilometres, Sina Ilaga spanning 5.50 kilometres, and Kenyam-Dekai segment spanning 16 kilometres.

Overall,  the construction of this road can be completed by the end of 2020. The trans-Papua road covers eight segments. Segment I spans from Kwatisore (Papua province border)-Nabire ( 208.10 km), Segment II extends along 275.50 km from Nabire-Wagete-Enarotali. Then Segment III spans from Enarotali-Ilaga-Mulia-Wamena (469.48 – 513.40 km), Segment IV spans from Wamena-Eleum-Jayapura (447.22 – 585 km), and Segment V spans from Wamena-Habema-Kenyam-Mumugi (271.60 km). Furthermore, Segment VI spans from Kenyam-Dekai (217.90 – 275 km), Segment VII along 231.60 kilometers from Dekai to Oksibil, and Segment VIII spans from Wagete-Timika along 224 – 594,81 kilometers.

As noted, Trans-Papua national road spans 4,330 kilometres (km) and goes through two provinces, namely Papua and West Papua. The road spans 1,070.55 km in West Papua and spans 3,259.45 km.

Gambar :

In Papua Province, the are eights road segments spans from Wamena-Habema-Kenyam-Mamugu (284.30 km), Kwatisore (Papua Province border)-Nabire, Nabire-Wagete-Enarotali, Enarotahlaga-Mulia-Wamena,  Wamena-Elelim/Eleum-Jayapura, Kenyam-Dekai, Dekai-Oksibil (231.60 km), Oksibil-Warupko (135.01 km), Warupko-Tanah Merah-Merauke (533.06 km), to Wagete-Timika.

In West Papua, there are four road segments goes through Sorong-Maybrat-Manokwawi (594.81 km) and Manokwari-Mameh-Wasior-Papua Province Border (475.81 km).

Trans-Papua national road connection can boost economic growth and decrease price disparity in the region.

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