Covid-19 in Merauke

Merauke – The number of positive Covid-19 patients hospitalizing at Merauke Regional Hospital (RSUD Merauke) are two person, knowing after the Merauke Regency Government (Pemkab Merauke) through the Merauke District Health Office received a notice of Covid-19 testing result from the Balitbangkes Jakarta sending back via Papua Provincial Health Office

dr. Nevile r. Muskita

According to the Acting Head of the Merauke Regency Health Office, dr. Nevile R. Muskita, the first patient is a 46-year-old male and the second patient is a 31-year-old male nurse who made contact with the first one. He added, until Sunday (22/3/2020), Merauke Regional Hospital has treated 5 PDP (patients under surveillance) for Covid-19, among other is a 33-year-old male who has entered the Merauke Regional Hospital on Saturday night (21/3/2020) and another patient, a 30-year-old male, who has entered the Merauke Regional Hospital on Sunday (22/3/2020). In addition to treating 5 PDPs and 2 positive of Covid-19, Merauke Health Office is also monitoring 62 ODP (persons under monitoring). As a note, one of Covid-19 positive patients in Merauke Regency has a history of a trip to Bogor, West Java, on February 24, 2020.

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