Unofficial Counts in Vanuatu Election

Port Villa (AlbumPapua)- Vanuatu, population 300,000, has hold a general election on March 19, 2020 to elect its 52-member of parliement.  Four days later, in the unofficial first count, Vanuatu’s caretaker prime minister Charlot Salwai, and foreign minister Ralph Regenvanu have held their seats. Both Mr Regenvanu’s Graon mo Jastis party and Mr Salwai’s Reunification Movement for Change party are sitting on eight seats each. Meanwhile,  the Vanua’aku Party and the Leaders Party of Vanuatu close behind on seven seats each.

Photo : Graham Crumb/Foreignbrief

The preliminary count gives 30 (8+8+7+7) of the 52 seats available to the four leading parties (Graon Mo Jastis Party, Reunification Movement for Change Party, Vanua’aku Party and Leaders Party of Vanuatu).  Up to 13 other parties and an independent MP appear to have won another 20 seats. However, a number of results are not through yet, due to bad weather delaying polling in some constituencies. None of the 16 women who stood for election came close to a winning vote in the 2020 polls.

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