Airports and Seaports in Papua Temporarily Closed until around 9 April 2020

Jayapura (AlbumPapua)- Starting from Thursday (3/26) to (9/4, airports and seaports in all regencies / cities in Papua Province are temporarily closed, in accordance with an agreement between Forkopimda (Regional Government Coordination Forum)  of Papua Province and regents / mayors throughout Papua Province during a meeting held at the State Building, Tuesday (3/24). All airports from Mopah Merauke Airport, Sentani Airport, Moses Kilangin Airport, in Timika, Wamena Airport, Airport in Yahukimo, Tanah Merah Airport, Ewer Airport in Asmat, Kepi Airport in Mappi and a number of other airports are temporarily closed, are still serving for emergency flights and cargos. However, central government’s policy could cancel this decision. After a 14-day period, there will be a review.

A beautiful Sentani airport

Governor Lukas Enembe stated that the Papua Province does not implement a lockdown system, but social restrictions. Even if passenger ships enter Papua, the ships must turn around and may not drop passengers at any port in Papua. Access to the traditional areas of Lapago, Meepago, and Animha are closed because they are vulnerable due to on emergency alert. Social restrictions also cover the temporary closure of entertainment venues, places of worship in churches, mosques, and temples.

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