For the umpteenth time, Benny Wenda speaks without evidence

Again, Benny Wenda has made a statement without evidence. This fact is revealed from the confession of TPNPB spokesman, Sebby Sembom. Sebby, who used to roam Waena, Abepura together with Buchtar Tabuni, stated that Benny Wenda and Socrates should not just talk and should be responsible for their statements. Sebby assured that the shooting was actually carried out by his group. “Convey to Benny Wenda and Priest. Sofyan Yoman to be responsible for their statements, because those who died were not shot by the Indonesian National Police,” Sebby wrote in his short message on Monday,6 April 2020. Sebby also sent 1 minute 28 second video of exchange fire between TPNPB and security forces at the Kuala Kencana location. “In a war, it must be sending information truly, announcing who the culprit is,” he explained. Previously, Sebby said that the shooting at Kuala Kencana was carried out by TPNPB under Kombas-TPNPB-OPM, led by Gusby Waker and Jhony Beanal. Gusby Waker is the Commander of Operation for TPNPB KODAP XVIII Kemabu, Intan Jaya, including the Tembagapura Region.

“Via cell phone, Gusby Waker acknowledged that the shooting was carried out by his team and in accordance with the TPNPB War declaration mentioning that the TPNPB should carry out attacks on the Freeport Gold Company area, from PortSite to Grasberg,” Sebby explained.

In the action this time, the target is Freeport employees, considering that they have asked Freeport management to stop the mining operation, but it is still operating until now. “And we, TPNPB, are the owners of gold in Mount Nemangkawi, therefore we consider that PT. Freeport and the people who work at the Freeport company are robbers who have stolen and are stealing our natural resources, “he concluded.


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