Muhammadiyah in West Papua

West Papua (AP) – In 1926, an Acehnese Ustadz Teuku Bujang Selamat was the da’i starting the Eid prayer in the field in Merauke. During in Aceh in 1920s, Teuku Bujang Selamat alias Bujang Salim Bin Rhi Mahmud was intense to summon Islam and carry out political movements against the Dutch. Because of his activities, he was arrested and detained, then exiled to eastern Indonesia under the detention camp at Boven Digul Merauke on April 21, 1922.

However, during his detention in Merauke, before moving to Digul prison,  Teuku Bujang Salim preached Islam in the surrounding villages. At that time, there had been many Muslims coming around in the 1906-1919 period, including KNIL employees or soldiers assigned by the Dutch Government, Dutch laborers who planted sugar cane plantations bring in from Java, and also traders.

To support the education of Muslim children in 1929, he establish the first madrasa in Merauke, even in Papua, also built the mosque which is now called the Nurul Huda Mosque, to augment another Jami mosque which was built in 1915. From here, it was the forerunner of Muhammadiyah movement established.

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