COVID-19 testing intensified in West Papua for new normal era.

Photo : Rapid test by

To enter the new normal era, West Papua Task Force for the Acceleration of COVID-19 Handling organized a rapid test event at Wosi Market in Manokwari on Friday that was inspected by Governor Dominggus Mandacan.  “Ahead of the new normal era, rapid testing will be led in public spaces, such as traditional markets. Today, we are doing rapid testing at the Wosi Market, and earlier, we also had a similar testing at the Sanggeng Market,” Mandacan stated. “The provincial government will also provide assistance for COVID-19 tests at traditional markets located in the districts of Arfak Mountains, Maybrat, Tambrauw, as well as Southern Sorong,” he added..

West Papua has indorsed the emergency status over the COVID-19 outbreak that will be in place through July 14 in line with the governor extending this status in preparing for the new normal. According to the official record until July 2, a total of 244 West Papuans had contracted the novel coronavirus disease, of which 170 patients had recovered, while the four others died.

Hwever, as the positive cases rise, the number of recoveries has also increased, Arnoldus Tiniap, the provincial task force’s spokesperson, noted in another statement

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