Puncak resident, Papua: Thank you very much Bapak Presiden Jokowi

Bupati Puncak Willem Wandik (Doc:JPNN)

West Papua (ywp) – President Joko Widodo’s or Jokowi’s government policies regarding the management of the Covid-19 Pandemic at Puncak Papua has received highly appreciation from Puncak residents, Papua. They are very satisfied with the disbursement of Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) as being confirmed by Puncak Regency Willem Wandik. He added,” It is evidence of the state being present in the midst of the community and the region. The distribution of BLT funds is for regions whose citizens infected by the corona virus (red zone), but for social justice, President Joko Widodo has distributed of BLT funds evenly in all regions,”.

The BLT funds has directed to 206 villages spread over 25 districts in Puncak District value of 91 billion rupiahs. In the first phase, the budget will be distributed to 6 districts as much as 25 billion rupiahs. These six districts are Ilaga District, Ilaga Utara, Gome, Amukia, Mabugi and North Gome. The next step will be provided in 19 other districts or 206 villages in Puncak District. One Head of the Family (KK) will receive a fund of 600 thousand rupiahs monthly. Since January 2020, it has reached six months, so that one family can get funds of 4 million rupiahs.

The regent, who received an innovative 2019 regional head award, added that firstly, BLT had been transferred by the central government two weeks ago and for distribution is watched by the local government to make sure that BLT distribution is on the right target. “Some of the newly expansion villages also received funds of 300 million rupiahs. The main village can get funds of up to seven billion, adjusted for the number of families,” he added.


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