Vandalism vs transparent recruitment in West Papua

Yalimo map (Doc:Wikipedia)

West Papua (AP) – Closer to our concern is vandalism in West Papua and Papua. This problem must be resolved together not only by the authorities but also by religious leaders and education institutions. The latest vandalism happened in Keppi, Mappi District, Papua and Yalimo. It is not relating with Free West Papua action, but being caused by the unsatisfactory process of hiring workers, it should be guarantee Recruitment and Selection Process of the Civil Servants should be completed professionally and transparently.

Mappi map (Doc:Odyfolio)

In Mappi, the demonstration took place in front of the Regional Civil Service Agency (BKD) of Mappi turned violent, as 800 demonstrators went on a rampage, damaging the office. The demonstrators rejected the result of the civil servant recruitment process. “The protesters entered the office and continued to destroy some properties. They demanded that civil servant positions in the region should only be filled by native Papuans,” a witness stated.  A total of 5.000 job seekers in the district had applied for civil servant positions, but only 400 were accepted.

In Yalimo, protesters who had failed to fill in the formation of the candidates of civil servant (CPNS) expressed their anger by carrying out acts of obstruction at all Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) offices. In the action, the candidates which has passed the formation were also involved. “We close these offices, because they break their promise for the employment quota, an 80% quota for Yalimo’s resident and a 20% quota for non-resident, “said Yafet Wandik as the action coordinator.

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