Free West Papua road, all the way in Papua is really safe and peacefull

Adventure Merah Putih (Doc:Koreri)

West Papua (AP) – That acknowledgment was stated by the all participants of the Red and White Adventure of Papua after completing the long route on August 7, 2020 which mostly went across the forest with a distance of approximately 340 km, starting from Youtefa Bridge and finishing at Airu District.

That historic challenge event was successfully held by the team of motorcycle and radio amateur community, ahead of the commemoration of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day, enlivened by 200 motorbikes and cars riders. As representing national pride, all participants also raised the Indonesia flags, reflecting on the true meaning of the red-and-white flag.

The Jayapura Police Chief, AKBP Victor D. Mackbon, as the head of the committee, stated that this activities would also be marked by providing basic food services and laying the first stone of the future radio re-transmitting station of Inter-Population Radio organization (RAPI) in collaboration with RM Papeda, Jayapura Police Station.

Meanwhile, the head of Nitmeke Adventure Team of Papuan motorcycle community, Rusdi said this day journey which went deep into the Papuan jungle would really prove to the world that West Papua road has been free, safe and peaceful. “The upcoming second adventure is waiting which will go farther than before, such as via Jayapura-Tolikara or Jayapura-Puncak route”, as Rusdi stated.

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