Is it true that Veronika Koman is morally poor?

Koman (Doc:CNN)

West Papua (AP) – Becoming a lawyer, someone must have a highly developed moral sense (what’s right and wrong), but also an ethical sense (what is the right thing to do).  Rights?   But what happened with Koman ? As being stated by the LPDP agencies under the Ministry of Finance that Koman was not able to fulfill the scholarship provisions set by LPDP. As commonly known that Koman has not returned to Indonesia after the completion of his study period. Nevertheless, Koman has been staying in Australia, continuing to utilize his knowledge and profession to vilify their own people and provoke the Papuan people to fall far from prosperity and peace.

She has defended herself that she has returned to Indonesia in September 2018 after completing the Master of Laws program at the Australian National University. In October 2018, she advocated for human rights, including serving at the Jayapura-based Association of Human Rights Lawyers for Papua (PAHAM Papua). Then in March 2019, she went to Switzerland to do advocacy at the United Nations. In April-May 2019, she provided pro-bono legal assistance to Papuan activists in 3 different court cases in Timika.

Series of her activities above are just attempts to escape her responsibility. In fact, Koman has been staying in Australia. Her efforts from September 2018 until leaving for Australia in July 2019 are Koman’s methods to smooth the way to live longer in Australia. In other words, Koman has only taken advantage of the 773.8 million rupiah scholarship aid for his own benefit. Of course, it is not false the Indonesian Police, if in August 2019, Police summoned Koman to be back to Jakarta and has placed Koman on the wanted list (DPO) in September 2019. Police have identified her involvement in the sporadic violence that has plagued several cities in Papua and West Papua, based on witness testimonies.

Various excuses were made by her in order to make it easier to live in Australia or in another way, to smooth her escape from responsibility by spreading fake news, such as getting rape and death threats and turning the facts about West Papua around.

Please Koman, don’t make your legal knowledge to trick other people by distort facts. Is there anyone who still believe her, unless Koman improves her morale.

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