Enhancing education quality in West Papua

Papua’s Elementary Scholl (Doc; Steemit.com)

Education will become another focus of the government’s development plans in Indonesia’s easternmost provinces of Papua and West Papua, after it managed to open up part of the isolated areas with its Trans-Papua flagship infrastructure project. It has been different comparing in 2017. Based on Dimaswij’s article in 2017 entitles challenges dealing with education in West Papua that  one of them is geographical challenge, due to a lot of highland in Papua which difficult to reach and has made some teachers not willing to stay in that area.

There are eight education goals for Papua, issue more Indonesia Smart Cards (KIP), develop the quality of education in high schools, organize assistance for teachers, increase the number of teachers, provide e-learning for teachers, include local content in education, eradicate illiteracy and establish boarding schools. By giving assistance for teacher, it hopes that unavailability of teachers due to lack of support and inadequate salary could be solved. Three years ago, SMERU Research Institute revealed that 1 out of 3 teachers absent to work in Papua.

Velix Wanggai said  the government’s programs to accelerate development in Papua, one of the country’s less developed regions, is based on Presidential Instruction No 9/2017 on the acceleration of social welfare development in Papua, which emphasizes infrastructure and also human resources development.

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